I have not made resolutions for this year1. I have instead spent that time playing with patterns on a canvas. It’s been a while since I wanted to have some time to do generative art using geometric figures and I finally got down to it on the very first day of this year. I found a fountain of joy after just a few hours of tinkering, something inside tells me this could be a new New Year’s tradition for me.

I write fiction and non-fiction.
I write open-source software.
I create generative art.

All of these are available for free in different media. If you like what I do, and want me to keep creating, you can contribute using the links below.

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I started out with a simple form like a hexagon and started looking for patterns that were appealing to me, like the color palette.

Something that I like about generative art is that I’m not in control, it’s a discovery process. I just set a few rules and pleasant aesthetics appear before me. The patterns might appear by design, but often they are the result of a benign error that created something beautiful. After tinkering with these patterns for a bit, I arrived at these new forms. They take me to a special place.

I have selected some of the results that I like the most below.

  1. Well, at least not in the classical way, mostly just wishing we could get back to normal life sometime before 2022. [return]