I have not made new year resolutions, I made art. I also finally got some time to explore one of the little Shiny projects that were dormant in my /Project folder during most of 2020: lifeviz.

The goal of lifeviz is to visualize life events. This has been inspired by the post ‘The Tail End’ by WaitButWhy. I have taken the visualizations and added a few degrees of freedom, so that the users can visualize the past/present. On the activities tab, users can display the remaining activity counts for things they could represent using emojis.

This is an example of what it can do:

You can find lifeviz here.

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Why I made this

The idea is to produce reflection and general introspection about our time on Earth. Actually visualizing the number of remaining days/burgers/hugs, can be a powerful tool to do so. Check lifeviz here.

As I briefly mentioned, this app has been created using Shiny and R. I have left all the details out of this post, but you might be interested.

Show me the code

You can check the code at https://github.com/matiasandina/lifeviz/

My life

I have used the app to scratch my own itch, so this is my current status. If I live 90 years, these are the years past (gray), present (red) and left (unfilled).

I think this one is more actionable, gotta make those weeks count!


I try to meditate once a day1. If I do so for the rest of my life, that’s a hell lot of meditation.

On the weekends, I am almost certain to get something tasty, probably with a capuccino ☕ and a book 📖. Let’s say I do this only once per weekend, let’s call it “Saturday Bakery Breakfast”

The goal

I hope using this app may help you appreciate the uniqueness of each of the moments we take for granted. I hope it makes you present, wherever, whenever you are. Enjoy.

  1. It’s an aspirational goal, maybe someday I will get there. [return]