I will add here ideas and projects from my teaching experiences.


NATSCI191 - Final Project.

I designed different experiments (using Google Forms and Matlab Psychtoolbox). Students participated as subjects, later analyzed the data, and presented their findings in class. Information about this project is available on GitHub.

The learning objectives were:

  • Familiarize students with graphical analysis of real data.
  • Create a presentation-like experience for students going into Life Sciences.

The results were gratifying. Students were curious about the tasks and the results. I guess there’s a particular component given by the fact that all of them were subjects first. As a replication study, made during office hours and with a budged of 10 dollars for sodas and cups, I find it quite in line with previously reported findings (I felt so relieved). I will perform a more thorough analysis of the data, just for the fun.

Some things that need to improve:

  • Making graphs Using Excel on a Mac is not the same as in a PC. Using Excel might not be a good idea at all. Same applies to Google spreadsheets.


  • Spring 2018, Methods of Inquiry in Psychology
  • Fall 2017, NATSCI191 Animal Behavior